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Zoosk: The Best Dating App on the Market Millions of Users Online at Any Time
Uniform Dating: Find Someone to Date in a Uniform
Love Again: Find Love, the Second Time Around Easily Meet Local Singles
EliteSingles: The Go-To for Professional Singles

Why Choose Dating Apps Over Desktop Dating Sites?

Online dating is super successful, incredibly popular and a lot of fun. So are dating apps. The difference in usage is: dating apps are fairly new.

Originally, when sites such as were founded, there was no such thing as dating on the move. All online dating took place from your desktop computer, and then onto laptops or notebooks for moving from the bedroom to the sofa.

While this gave people a great way to meet new people they would never find otherwise, and use awesome search tools and profile features to help narrow it down, it meant you were kind of tied to the house. Often messages might get forgotten about, or your timings would be totally off with a great match who worked different hours than you, or kept a different schedule.

Then came WiFi and mobile phones. Naturally online dating had to evolve.

Nowadays, every dating site worth a look has mobile functionality for cell phones. This means you can browse using your tablet or phone anywhere in the world. More recently, thankfully, those same dating sites have started to devlop dating apps. This makes dating on the move even easier and that much more fun. Just take a look at how far have come; they have 5!

What Should I Look for in the Best Dating Apps?

One of the most important differences between a mobile website and an app is how easy it is to use. A mobile website may take longer to load, be more reliant on your connection to external internet or your phone signal, as well as needing you to go to your browser and manually type in the address. An app is just one click in, and can be put on your home screen so you can check it whenever you want (wherever you want). They are designed specifically for mobile use, not adapted for cell phones from a desktop. This generally makes them easier to use and a lot nicer to look at too!

You will also be less likely to miss an interaction with a potential match, with the help of notifications. Check that your dating app offers these. Turning them on means you’ll get a small unobtrusive alert when you get a new message or flirt. Some of the best mobile apps also offer extra functionality. Zoosk has extra security tools for example. Here you can use the app to upload a seven second selfie video of yourself so that you can be manually verified on the site.

Don’t forget to check if there is a niche dating app which suits you for exactly what you’re looking for in the online dating world. You’ll be surprised what you can find!

How Can I Find the Hottest Dating Apps for Me?

Whatever you’re keeping an eye out for, dating apps offer more options, are faster, and encourages you to keep up your lifestyle on the move. Busy professionals, young singles, older active seniors or anyone with a mobile phone shouldn’t miss out.

Our experts have looked into all the top dating apps on the market for US singles looking to find love. Try our comparison chart above to get started.